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Array parameters March 2009 (09/03-31/03)

SABOCA was cold between 9th of March and 31st of March. Before that period, the wafer of SABOCA that was in use during 2008 was replaced by a different one, which basically means a completely new bolometer array. The channels parameters are therefore completely different, and all 37 channels are working.

Besides that, all channels now have the same sign; they are all inverted (for hardware reasons).

Main parameter file: saboca-2009-03.rcp

Individual scans

Scan #Date Parameter fileArray plotIndividual channel maps
7550 2009-03-10T09:47 Mars_7550_Saboca.rcp array_7550.pdf beams_7550.pdf
9866 2009-03-28T11:09 Neptune_9866_Saboca.rcp array_9866.pdf beams_9866.pdf
9889 2009-03-28T11:58 Neptune_9889_Saboca.rcp array_9889.pdf beams_9889.pdf
9895 2009-03-28T12:14 Neptune_9895_Saboca.rcp array_9895.pdf beams_9895.pdf

Notes on individual channels

All channels of SABOCA are usually working fine except those mentioned below. Furthermore, all backend signals are negative.

Channel #Description
22, 23 These channels show variable gain. Check on calibrators.
24 This channel had a very low gain in scan 7550.
32 This channel was bad in scan 9889, but fine in the others. Check your data.


# Handle inverted channels (all):
data.Data *= array(-1,'f')

# Variable channels (check your data und uncomment):
#bad = [ 22, 23, 24, 32 ]