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Array parameters August 2010 (01/08-29/08)

SABOCA was cooled down at the end of July for use during science observations.

Main parameter file: saboca-2010-08.rcp

Individual scans

Scan #Date Parameter fileArray plotIndividual channel maps
52557 2010-08-01T17:25 Mars_52557_Saboca.rcp array_52557.pdf beams_52557.pdf
52559 2010-08-01T17:35 Mars_52559_Saboca.rcp array_52559.pdf beams_52559.pdf
52561 2010-08-01T17:45 Mars_52561_Saboca.rcp array_52561.pdf beams_52561.pdf
57990 2010-08-18T07:49 Uranus_57990_Saboca.rcp array_57990.pdf beams_57990.pdf
58414 2010-08-19T09:42 Uranus_58414_Saboca.rcp array_58414.pdf beams_58414.pdf
58874 2010-08-20T11:23 Uranus_58874_Saboca.rcp array_58874.pdf beams_58874.pdf
59584 2010-08-22T10:28 Uranus_59584_Saboca.rcp array_59584.pdf beams_59584.pdf
62307 2010-08-29T05:16 Uranus_62307_Saboca.rcp array_62307.pdf beams_62307.pdf
62341 2010-08-29T06:18 Neptune_62341_Saboca.rcp array_62341.pdf beams_62341.pdf
62342 2010-08-29T06:26 Neptune_62342_Saboca.rcp array_62342.pdf beams_62342.pdf

Notes on individual channels

All 37 channels of SABOCA are working fine.

Channel #Description
22 This channel seems to be variable. It doesn't show signal for scan 58874, and should be verified for data taken around 20th of August.