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Array parameters August 2012 (20/07-20/09)

SABOCA was cooled down at the end of the MPI run to be ready for the Chilean time block starting on July 20th. It was used by all partners until it was warmed up on September 20th.

Main parameter file: saboca-2012-08.rcp

Individual scans

Scan #Date Parameter fileArray plotIndividual channel maps
54073¹ 2012-07-21T06:47 Uranus_54073_Saboca.rcp array_54073.pdf beams_54073.pdf
54309 2012-07-21T21:59 Mars_54309_Saboca.rcp array_54309.pdf beams_54309.pdf
60781¹ 2012-08-08T18:41 Mars_60781_Saboca.rcp array_60781.pdf beams_60781.pdf
62085 2012-08-12T04:36 Uranus_62085_Saboca.rcp array_62085.pdf beams_62085.pdf
62270 2012-08-12T22:57 Mars_62270_Saboca.rcp array_62270.pdf beams_62270.pdf
64148 2012-08-18T05:29 Uranus_64148_Saboca.rcp array_64148.pdf beams_64148.pdf
64152 2012-08-18T05:40 Uranus_64152_Saboca.rcp array_64152.pdf beams_64152.pdf
65430 2012-08-21T23:12 Mars_65430_Saboca.rcp array_65430.pdf beams_65430.pdf
65432 2012-08-21T23:20 Mars_65432_Saboca.rcp array_65432.pdf beams_65432.pdf
77195 2012-09-20T08:07 Uranus_77195_Saboca.rcp array_77195.pdf beams_77195.pdf
 ¹ These scans are not considered for the averaged parameter file (see below).

Please note that the beammaps for scans 54073 and 60781 show elongated beam shapes, especially for the outer channels. They are therefore excluded from the general rcp file. The reason for these elongated beam shapes is currently unclear. We recommend that the PIs of data taken around the time of the mentioned scans carefully check their data and decide which channel parameter set they want to use.

Notes on individual channels

All 37 channels of SABOCA are working fine most of the time.

Channel #Description
22 This channel seems to be variable. It shows a low gain for scan 77195, i.e. the beammap taken on Sep 20th. Verify the gain on your calibrators.