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OTF time estimator V7.4

How to use
Heterodyne receiver:
Frequency: [GHz]
Resolution Δv: [km/s]
pwv : [mm H2O]
Source elevation: [deg]
Length axis in scanning direction: [arcsec]
Length in the orthogonal axis: [arcsec]
Dumptime (0.1 <= dt <= 4 [s]): [sec]
rms or sigma requested: [K]
Time per sub map [sec]0
Number of calibration per coverage 0
Total map area covered [arcsec2] 0
Number of submaps 1
Tau (source elev deg) INF
Trec [K] 0
Tsys [K] (source elev deg) 0
HPBW () [arcsec] 0
Beam solid angle [arcsec2] 0
Num of row per Off position (reference pos.) 1
Scanning speed [arsec/ s] 0
Number of coverages 1
sigma reached after 1 coverage [K]0
sigma reached after 1 coverage(s) [K]0
On source time [min,hr] 0 | 0
Off source time [min,hr] 0 | 0
Calibration time [min,hr] 0 | 0
Telescope time [min,hr] 0 | 0
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