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Data Reduction for ArTeMiS data

Reduction with BoA (BOlometer Array Analysis)

Background information

BoA is a software package for the reading, handling and analysis of bolometer array data. Its design and implementation is a collaborative effort of scientist at the MPIfR, AIfA, AIRUB and IAS started in 2002. The primary goal of BoA is to handle bolometer array data obtained at APEX (initially for LABOCA data), both for online visualization and offline processing. BoA can also be used to process data acquired with other instruments of APEX siuch as ArTeMiS, or from other telescopes (i.e. MAMBO at the IRAM 30-meter telescope). BoA includes most of the relevant functionalities of the reduction packages like MOPSIC, NIC or SURF. BoA naturally interfaces with APECS and the MBfits format.

Installation of BoA

You can download the BoA software at:
On this page, you will find the BoA procedures, the necessary libraries as well as the BoA reference manual.


You can download the BoA package for ArTeMiS here and check some notes here on how to install and use it.

Reduction with IDL (Interactive Data Language)

A dedicated data reduction pipeline running in IDL has been developed by the instrument team. Different versions exist to process data observed in 2016 and in earlier runs. For more information, please contact Philippe Andre -- philippe.andre (a)