Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment APEX
Safety and emergency procedures


In Case of an Accident

Follow the instructions of the Safety Officer present in the site or a staff trained in First Aid procedures.
Call the First Aid Station in San Pedro and get instructions from the paramedic.
Ask the paramedic to contact Asociacion Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS).

From Chajnantor 9 + 0 + access code + number
From Sequitor 0 + access code + number

Note: dialing 0+authorized code will allow you to access an external phone number

To call Posta San Pedro:

0 + code + 055 85 10 10
1 + code + 055 85 10 10

Call Sequitor base and make sure that the information is passed to a Supervisor.

From Chajnantor, dial 9 + 2100 (2137 or 2139)

In case you get no answer from Sequitor, try the following phones:

Lorena Toro 0 + access code + 09 699 0315
Lars Nyman 0 + access code + 09 873 2797
Juan Fluxá 0 + access code + 09 078 9711
Police San Pedro 0 + access code + 055 8510 03
Police San Pedro (From movile phone) 133
ACHS 0 + access code + 055 340826


Radio communication equipment at APEX

Channel Usage Comments
1 Communication through repeater Normal communication mode
2 Communication point to point Repeater failed or no contact with repeater but direct contact with other radio.
You can still receive through repeater.
Example: two pickups traveling far away that want to communicate between them.
Local communication to diminish traffic and avoid repeater delay.
Using ALMA road, at some points you loose the repeater but can get a direct connection with Sequitor.
3 Local communication

Warning! You are not listening the other radios in channel 1

4 ONEMI emergency frequency Use only in a emergency case (accident) where no communication to Sequitor is possible.
From there you can pass a message to SAMU - San Pedro (San Pedro ambulance).
Please NEVER set the radios in this channel unless you need to use it.

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Last update : May 6, 2005