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Service observing management at the APEX telescope

Michael Dumke (European Southern Observatory, Santiago, Chile)


The execution of scientific observations in service observing mode requires an efficient transfer of information about project setup and observing procedures from the PI to the actual observer. At the APEX telescope, we have implemented an efficient, web-based system to manage the service observing of astronomical projects. This system includes the submission of relevant project information through a web form, the monitoring of the observing progress through collaboration tools, and the data handling and archiving. In this paper I give an overview over how service observing is managed and performed at APEX. I explain the implementation of the project submission facility, the information flow from submission to observation, and the various components involved. I conclude highlighting the advantages of this system.

Keywords: APEX telescope, Service observing

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Michael Dumke, "Service observing management at the APEX telescope," Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems II, edited by Roger J. Brissenden, David R. Silva, Proc. SPIE 7016, 70161R (2008).

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