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Software programming

While programming is not necessarily something I want to spend my life on, sometimes it is simply necessary in order to proceed with something. My programming experience ranges from improvements of existing packages (like NIC, which was part of the GILDAS software, but is now discontinued) until own developments of useful programs.

  • TkParal
    TkParal is an X Window interface for the Paral program of the former Radio Continuum Group of the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn. Paral/TkParal is a convenient tool to plan observing runs at various telescopes. Based on source position and observatory coordinates it calculates azimuth, elevation, parallactic angle, rise and set times and some more parameters.

Observing techniques

  • Fast On-The-Fly Continuum Mapping:
    About a decade ago, when bolometer arrays had only a few dozens of channels, fast (or "undersampled") On-The-Fly Mapping was a recommended method for mapping large areas in a reasonable amount of observing time. Nowadays, as bolometer arrays with several hundreds or thousands of channels are in use, this is not so much an issue anymore. Read the SMTO working report on Fast OTF Mapping at the HHT if you are interested.
  • Fast Switching Phase Calibration:
    As a post-doc at IRAM Grenoble, I was working on some simulations about FSPC and its efficiency in mm-wave interferometry. Fast switching phase calibration is one of the phase correction strategies in use at ALMA. Actually, the need for FSPC in sub-mm interferometry led to the construction of antennas which are capable to move with a rate of various degrees/second, and a consequence of this is that also APEX can move very rapidly between sources. Some results of my work on FSPC with the PdB interferometer could be made available on request, although I think that more recent (and more advanced) work on this topic is available elsewhere.


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