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Array parameters April 2011 (03/04-02/05)

SABOCA was cooled down for use during MPI and Chilean time at the beginning of April, and in use until beginning of May.

Main parameter file: saboca-2011-04.rcp

Individual scans

Scan #Date Parameter fileArray plotIndividual channel maps
13067 2011-04-03T02:13 B13134_13067_Saboca.rcp array_13067.pdf beams_13067.pdf
13068 2011-04-03T02:19 B13134_13068_Saboca.rcp array_13068.pdf beams_13068.pdf
13420¹ 2011-04-03T16:50 Neptune_13420_Saboca.rcp array_13420.pdf beams_13420.pdf
21383 2011-04-24T05:40 Carina_21383_Saboca.rcp array_21383.pdf beams_21383.pdf
21447 2011-04-24T08:21 Neptune_21447_Saboca.rcp array_21447.pdf beams_21447.pdf
21449 2011-04-24T08:29 Neptune_21449_Saboca.rcp array_21449.pdf beams_21449.pdf
21451 2011-04-24T08:38 Neptune_21451_Saboca.rcp array_21451.pdf beams_21451.pdf
21453 2011-04-24T08:46 Neptune_21453_Saboca.rcp array_21453.pdf beams_21453.pdf
21455 2011-04-24T08:54 Neptune_21455_Saboca.rcp array_21455.pdf beams_21455.pdf
21457 2011-04-24T09:02 Neptune_21457_Saboca.rcp array_21457.pdf beams_21457.pdf
22576 2011-04-28T04:05 B13134_22576_Saboca.rcp array_22576.pdf beams_22576.pdf
23442¹ 2011-04-30T16:18 Neptune_23442_Saboca.rcp array_23442.pdf beams_23442.pdf
23446¹ 2011-04-30T16:33 Uranus_23446_Saboca.rcp array_23446.pdf beams_23446.pdf
 ¹ These scans are not considered for the averaged parameter file because of their low S/N. Especially Neptune is too weak for beammaps when observed in the unstable afternoon atmosphere.

Notes on individual channels

The 37 channels of SABOCA are working fine most of the time, but see the exceptions below.

Channel #Description
22 This channel is sometimes variable or even bad. Verify the gain on your calibrators and the usability on your target data.
23 This channel shows excess noise in one beammap only (#21449).