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The APEX Sequitor base camp


Sequitor is an "ayllo" , which means very small village, it is placed south of San Pedro de Atacama and belongs to the community of ayllos around San Pedro Valley. The families who live in these ayllos work the land and raise animals. For the time been there are only 2 families living in Vilama for example. The main agricultural activity is to grow "alfalfa", a very long grass which is used as the main source to feed south american camelids, horses and donkeys.

Each ayllo has their own way to work the land, which depends on weather conditions and on how much water passes through the very small tren-ches, which are scattered along the whole valley. Another kind of food, similar to rice is a cereal called "quinoa" which had already been used by the Incas.

Due to weather conditions (heat, dryness, etc) only a few vegetables are grown, being "choclo" (corn) the most common. Other activity is sulfur mines.

How to arrive to the Sequitor base camp ?

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