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SHeFI receivers
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APEX-1 receiver (SHeFI 230 GHz band)

Mixer Assembly

APEX-1 Mixer Assembly The SHeFI APEX Band 1 mixer is based on SIS mixers and uses a sideband rejection (2SB) scheme. In contrast with many 2SB SIS mixers built using modular design, SHeFI B1 mixer makes use of an integrated design whereby both SIS mixers are placed on a single substrate, which also comprises the LO division scheme using a double-probe structure and the LO injection directional couplers. All this provides optimum layout with minimum loss between the mixer and the corrugated horn. The figure shows details of the SFeHI B1 Mixer assembly consisting of the mixer, the IF amplifiers, 3 dB IF hybrid, IF isolators, IF amplifiers (2-stage GaAs HEMT, designed by GARD), LO and RF optical components all integrated on a single bracket.


The receiver is characterized by its capabilities and performance. Please find the corresponding information below:

Calibration Plan

The calibration plan for APEX-1 comprises regular observations of a set of spectral line calibrators at frequencies accesible for this receivers.

Comparison Spectra

For a set of frequently used spectral lines, we have a database of comparison spectra from some sources that are widely used as line calibrators. Plots of these spectra can be accessed either through the database interface, or in a table on a static web page.

Spectral Line Catalog

We maintain a system line catalog for APEX-1 which contains frequently (and also not so frequently) used spectral lines in the tuning range.