APEX Archival data

Access to ESO Archive

All APEX data are stored in the ESO archive. The archive can be searched using the APEX instrument specific query form.

After observations take place, data (raw and calibrated) are sent over the network and ingested into the ESO archive. This process typically takes less than 48h. When datasets are ingested the PI of the programme gets notified and he has exclusive access to the data during the time of the proprietary period. At this stage, metadata about observations (targets, instrument and setup used, programme PI, etc) are visible and searchable with the ESO archive query form.

Each APEX partner has slightly different data proprietary rules, after which data become publicly available to the community. If you are interested in some APEX dataset that is not yet public, you can always contact the PI of the programme, searching for collaboration opportunities.

The following proprietary period rules apply since 2018:

  • Observations in ESO/OSO programmes have a proprietary period of 1 year, after which they are publicly available to the community. This is independent of the instrument used for the observations.
  • Observations in MPIfR or Chilean programmes follow the next rules:
    • Proprietary period of 1 year if instrument used was an ESO/OSO PI instrument
    • Proprietary period of 3 years if a facility instrument was used
    • Data from MPIfR PI instruments are only available on a collaborative basis. At the ESO archive, the proprietary period is set to 20 years.

Both the raw MBFITS files and the combined CLASS files per project are stored in the archive. However, note that for heterodyne data, the MBFITS files are of limited use, as one needs access to the APEX Calibrator software, which only runs on the local APEX machines. For LABOCA, the calibration data from all APEX partners and the host country Chile are also publicly available.

Science verification projects

There is a specific page with information about APEX Science Verification projects with the different instruments commissioned in the past.

Science ready data products (phase3)

For a number of programmes you can find science data products (SDP) in the ESO archive. These are reduced and calibrated datasets with their associated metadata, ready for scientific exploitation. These products are made available to the ESO archive via the Phase 3 system (learn more about ESO Phase3).

For every specific project below, click on the images to access the ESO phase3 query form, where you can search for the available data products:

LESS (LABOCA Extended Chandra Deep Field South Sub-millimetre Survey)
PI: I. Smail
Product: Images
Reference publication: Weiss et al. (2009), ApJ 707, 1201

ATLASGAL (APEX Large Area Survey of the Galaxy)
PI: F. Schuller
Product: Images and catalog of Point sources.
Reference web pages: ATLASGAL survey pages at MPIfR, and ESO press release

ALLSMOG (APEX Low-z Legacy Survey for Molecular Gas)
PI: J. Wagg
Product: Spectra
Reference web site: ESO Science announcement of ALLSMOG

APEX Legacy data from the APEX Science Operations team
Contact: P. Venegas, F. Montenegro, C. De Breuck
Product: Various datasets
Reference web site: ESO Science announcement