Emergency contacts

In case of an emergency at APEX, please follow these recommendations

  • Follow the instructions of the Safety Officer present at the site, or a staff trained in first aid procedures.
  • To call emergency numbers you can just dial from any phone the number 9, then you listen a record with the following instructions:

    if you want to call ALMA Paramedic press 1
    if you want to call the San Pedro Medical Station press 2
    if you want to call San Pedro Fire Department press 3
    if you want to call San Pedro Police press 4
  • In case of an emergency at the base you need to communicate it to all staff. For this, use the radio, check the phone extensions at APEX, or alternatively you can use the following procedure:

    On an APEX phone dial 555 and hear the message:
    “Please record you message after the beep. End by pressing the # key”

    Enter the voice message finish pressing # key, then you will hear:
    “Press 1 to send your message to all phones. Press 0 to cancel”

    If you press 0 or hang up the message will be canceled. If you press 1 the message will be delivered to all Sequitor phones.
    Note: the system tries to call each number up to 5 times, in case any might be busy or nobody responded.
  • Call ALMA First Aid Station and get instructions from the paramedic. This can be done on all radios in channel 4, or with the procedure explained before, on calling directly on the phone number. According to the instructions received, ask the paramedic or people in Sequitor to contact Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS)
  • If you tried to call Sequitor and do not find anybody, you can reach the APEX administrator (see below)
  • Remember that dialling 0 + authorised code will allow you to access any external phone number.

Some emergency phone contacts

ALMA paramedic0 or 1 + PIN code + 55 244 8400
0 or 1 + PIN code + 2 2467 6400
Consultorio San Pedro de Atacama0 + PIN code + 55 285 1970
0 + PIN code + 55 285 1010 (emergency)
Police San Pedro de Atacama0 + PIN code + 55 275 5350
Fire Station San Pedro de Atacama0 + PIN code + 55 259 0623
ACHS (Calama)0 + PIN code + 2 2515 7730
0 + PIN code + 2 2515 7768
APEX administrator0 + PIN code + 9 71256767

Radio communication at APEX

1Communication through repeaterNormal communication mode
2Point-to-point communicationTo be used is the repeater failed or there is no contact with the repeater but direct contact with other radio. You can still receive through repeater.
– Two pickups traveling far away that want to communicate between them.
– Local communication to diminish traffic and avoid repeater delay.
– Using ALMA road, at some points you loose the repeater but can get a direct connection with Sequitor.
3Local communicationWarning! You are not listening the other radios in channel 1
4ALMA channelUse this channel to pass a message to the ALMA paramedic.