The Carbon Heterodyne Array of the MPIfR (CHAMP+) instrument was built in collaboration with SRON and JPL and mounted at APEX in 2007.

CHAMP+ is a dual-colour heterodyne array for spectroscopy in the 350 and 450 μm atmospheric windows, which is located at the Nasmyth–B focus and managed by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. The array is composed of 2 by 7 pixels that operate simultaneously in the RF tuning range of 620–720 GHz in the low (LFA) and 780–950 GHz in the high frequency (HFA) sub-array, respectively.

The prime observing modes for the CHAMP+ array are staring, raster and on-the-fly observations, all of which can be used with or without the wobbler switched on.

To know more about the instrument setup, calibration information and science highlights you can visit the CHAMP+ pages at MPIfR.