Phone contact

  • Phone main line (Sequitor office): +56 2 25950800
  • Skype: apex-telescope
  • Acting Station Manager (ASM) mobile number : +56 9 3926 1327
  • Check staff pages for staff contact information (email/phone)
  • In case of an emergency, check our emergency contact page

Sequitor phone extensions

Main line / control room200
Station Manager222
Head of Science Operations226
Astronomers office226
Observing Specialist office225
Engineers office227
Mechanical Workshop229
Electronics Lab228
Casino / dining room230
Meeting room232

Chajnantor phone extensions

Main line (all locations simultaneously)299
Control Room300
Severs Room302
Nasmyth Cabin A310
Nasmyth Cabin B311
Cassegrain Cabin 312
Instruments Cabin313