Past instruments

Here you can find some information about instruments previously installed at APEX but nowadays decommissioned. Below you can find some visiting instruments which were installed at APEX temporarily, in collaboration with the partners.

Historical instrumentation overview

TypeFreq [GHz]HPBW (arcsec)IF range [GHz]BeamsPolCabinNotes
APEX-1 (SHeFI)Het SIS (SSB )213-27530-254-81SingleADecommissioned in October 2017
APEX-2 (SHeFI)Het SIS (SSB)267-37823-174-81SingleADecommissioned in October 2017
FLASH345 (FLASH+)Het SIS (2SB)268-37423-174-81SingleADecommissioned in December 2019
APEX-2AHet SIS (DSB)279-38122-164-81SingleADecommissioned in February 2008
FLASH460 (FLASH+)Het SIS (2SB)374-51614-124-81SingleADecommissioned in December 2019
APEX-3 (SHeFI)Het SIS (DSB)385-50617-134-81SingleADecommissioned in October 2017
Bolometer array34519295CDecommissioned in December 2020
SABOCABolometer Array850839CDecommissioned in 2012
MPI 1.1 THzHet SIS (DSB)1000-108064-81SingleADecommissioned
APEX-T2 (SHeFI)Het HEB (DSB)1250-13905-4.52-41SingleADecommissioned in 2016

Visiting instrumentation overview

TypeFreq [GHz]HPBW (arcsec)IF range [GHz]BeamsPolCabinNotes
ASZCABolometer Array (TES)15042-330CDecommissioned in December 2010
ZSPECGrating spectrometer of TES bolometers190-30831-21-1AVarious missions between 2010 and 2012
SUPERCAMHet SIS (SSB)34518250/500 MHz bandwidth modes64CVisited APEX on Dec 2014 and Apr/May 2015
ZEUS2Grating spectrometer with TES bolometers475/650/850/150013/10/7/4-9-10AVisited APEX in various opportunities from 2012 to 2019.