Publication List

These are the latest 100 publications based on data collected totally or partially by APEX. In the table, you will find for each publication the link to the corresponding entry in the ESO Telescope Bibliography System (telbib), where you can have access to data sources and the full text of the publication via the Astrophysics Data System.

Most recent APEX Publications

AuthorsYearTitleESO Telbib
Montoya Arroyave, I. ; Cicone, C. et al.2024A possible relation between global CO excitation and massive molecular outflows in local ULIRGs[Telbib]
Hagedorn, B. ; Cicone, C. et al.2024Molecular gas scaling relations for local star forming galaxies in the low- M∗ regime[Telbib]
Gong, Y. et al.2023Protonated hydrogen cyanide as a tracer of pristine molecular gas[Telbib]
Akiyama, Kazunori et al.2023First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. IX. Detection of Near-horizon Circular Polarization[Telbib]
Perotti, G. et al.2023Linking ice and gas in the Coronet cluster in Corona Australis[Telbib]
Zhou, J. W. et al.2023High-resolution APEX/LAsMA 12CO and 13CO (3-2) observation of the G333 giant molecular cloud complex. I. Evidence for gravitational acceleration in hub-filament systems[Telbib]
Moretti, Alessia et al.2023The Evolution of the Cold Gas Fraction in Nearby Clusters' Ram-pressure-stripped Galaxies[Telbib]
Guerra-Varas, N. et al.2023SiO outflows in the most luminous and massive protostellar sources of the southern sky[Telbib]
Mendoza, Edgar et al.2023Observations and Chemical Modeling of the Isotopologues of Formaldehyde and the Cations of Formyl and Protonated Formaldehyde in the Hot Molecular Core G331.512-0.103[Telbib]
Yang, W. et al.2023ATLASGAL: 3 mm class I methanol masers in high-mass star formation regions[Telbib]
Agudo, I. et al.2023Panning for gold, but finding helium: Discovery of the ultra-stripped supernova SN 2019wxt from gravitational-wave follow-up observations[Telbib]
Ge, Y. et al.2023Large-scale velocity-coherent filaments in the SEDIGISM survey: Association with spiral arms and the fraction of dense gas[Telbib]
Nadolny, Jakub et al.2023Main Sequence to Starburst Transitioning Galaxies: Gamma-Ray Burst Hosts at z 2[Telbib]
Ma, Yingxiu et al.2023Gravitational collapse and accretion flows in the hub filament system G323.46-0.08[Telbib]
Zhang, Qian-Qian et al.2023Molecular Environment of the Thermal Composite Supernova Remnant G352.7-0.1[Telbib]
Jeste, M. et al.2023[C I] and [C II] emission in the circumstellar envelope of IRC +10216. I. Observational data and NLTE modelling of the [C I] emission[Telbib]
Jacob, Arshia M. et al.2023First detection of deuterated methylidyne (CD) in the interstellar medium[Telbib]
Kahle, K. Angelique et al.2023The molecular environment of the solar-type protostar IRAS 16293-2422[Telbib]
Huang, Bo et al.2023High-mass Starless Clumps: Dynamical State and Correlation between Physical Parameters[Telbib]
Pillai, T. G. S. et al.2023Infall and outflow towards high-mass starless clump candidates[Telbib]
Veena, V. S. et al.2023A CO funnel in the Galactic centre: Molecular counterpart of the northern Galactic chimney[Telbib]
Tabatabaei, Farideh S. et al.2023The kinematics of the magnetized protostellar core IRAS15398-3359[Telbib]
Kaminsky, Aidan et al.2023On the 3D Curvature and Dynamics of the Musca Filament[Telbib]
Saldaño, H. P. et al.2023CO(2−1) survey at 9 pc resolution in the Small Magellanic Cloud[Telbib]
Montoya Arroyave, I. ; Cicone, C. et al.2023A sensitive APEX and ALMA CO(1-0), CO(2-1), CO(3-2), and [CI](1-0) spectral survey of 40 local (ultra-)luminous infrared galaxies[Telbib]
Bonne, L. et al.2022A potential new phase of massive star formation. A luminous outflow cavity centred on an infrared quiet core[Telbib]
Yu, Nai-Ping et al.2022Physical and Chemical Properties of the Molecular Gas Associated with the Mid-infrared Bubble S156[Telbib]
Colzi, Laura et al.2022Deuterium Fractionation as a Multiphase Component Tracer in the Galactic Center[Telbib]
Yang, W. J. et al.2022Redshifted methanol absorption tracing infall motions of high-mass star formation regions[Telbib]
Yang, A. Y. et al.2022The SEDIGISM survey: A search for molecular outflows[Telbib]
Leroy, Adam K. et al.2022Low-J CO Line Ratios from Single-dish CO Mapping Surveys and PHANGS-ALMA[Telbib]
Kamiński, Tomek et al.2022A search for cool molecular gas in GK Persei and other classical novae[Telbib]
Kabanovic, S. et al.2022Self-absorption in [C II], 12CO, and H I in RCW120. Building up a geometrical and physical model of the region[Telbib]
Stanke, Th. et al.2022The APEX Large CO Heterodyne Orion Legacy Survey (ALCOHOLS). I. Survey overview[Telbib]
Muñoz-Elgueta, N. et al.2022APEX at the QSO MUSEUM: molecular gas reservoirs associated with z 3 quasars and their link to the extended Ly α emission[Telbib]
Lin, Y. et al.2022The evolution of temperature and density structures of OB cluster-forming molecular clumps[Telbib]
Rengel, M. et al.2022Ground-based HCN submillimetre measurements in Titan's atmosphere: an intercomparison with Herschel observations[Telbib]
De Breuck, C. et al.2022Feeding the spider with carbon. [CII] emission from the circumgalactic medium and active galactic nucleus[Telbib]
Ferrero, L. V. et al.2022High-resolution images of two wiggling stellar jets, MHO 1502 and MHO 2147, obtained with GSAOI+GeMS[Telbib]
Colombo, D. et al.2022The SEDIGISM survey: The influence of spiral arms on the molecular gas distribution of the inner Milky Way[Telbib]
Santos, Julia C. et al.2022A Spectral Survey of CH3CCH in the Hot Molecular Core G331.512-0.103[Telbib]
Weng, Jianbin et al.2022Spatially Resolved X-Ray Study of Supernova Remnant G306.3-0.9 with Unusually High Calcium Abundance[Telbib]
Morii, Kaho et al.2021The ALMA Survey of 70 μm Dark High-mass Clumps in Early Stages (ASHES). IV. Star Formation Signatures in G023.477[Telbib]
Bovino, Stefano et al.2021Chemical analysis of prestellar cores in Ophiuchus yields short timescales and rapid collapse[Telbib]
Neufeld, David A. et al.2021Terahertz Water Masers. II. Further SOFIA/GREAT Detections Toward Circumstellar Outflows, and a Multitransition Analysis[Telbib]
Colombo, D. et al.2021OGHReS: Large-scale filaments in the outer Galaxy[Telbib]
Luisi, Matteo et al.2021Stellar feedback and triggered star formation in the prototypical bubble RCW 120[Telbib]
Urquhart, J. S. et al.2022ATLASGAL - evolutionary trends in high-mass star formation[Telbib]
Cai, Xiu-Yu et al.2021Quantifying the anisotropic density structure of the Central Molecular Zone - a 2D correlation function approach[Telbib]
Sato, Kazuki et al.2021FUGIN hot core survey. I. Survey method and initial results for l = 10°-20°[Telbib]
Kohno, Mikito et al.2021CO observations toward the isolated mid-infrared bubble S44: External triggering of O-star formation by a cloud-cloud collision[Telbib]
Towner, A. P. M. et al.2021VLA Observations of Nine Extended Green Objects in the Milky Way: Ubiquitous Weak, Compact Continuum Emission, and Multi-epoch Emission from Methanol, Water, and Ammonia Masers[Telbib]
Mazumdar, P. et al.2021High resolution LAsMA 12CO and 13CO observation of the G305 giant molecular cloud complex. II. Effect of feedback on clump properties[Telbib]
Cárdenas, S. B. et al.2022A multiwavelength study of the H II region G347.600 + 00.211 and its effects on the surrounding medium[Telbib]
Laudari, Sunil et al.2022ESO 137-002: a large spiral undergoing edge-on ram-pressure stripping with little star formation in the tail[Telbib]
Couto, Guilherme S. et al.2021VALES. VIII. Weak ionized gas outflows in star-forming galaxies at z ∼ 0.15 traced with VLT/MUSE[Telbib]
Mirocha, Agnieszka et al.2021Signatures of UV radiation in low-mass protostars. I. Origin of HCN and CN emission in the Serpens Main region[Telbib]
Sano, H. et al.2021Discovery of a Wind-blown Bubble Associated with the Supernova Remnant G346.6-0.2: A Hint for the Origin of Recombining Plasma[Telbib]
Zhou, Jian-Wen et al.2021ATOMS: ALMA Three-millimeter Observations of Massive Star-forming regions-VI. On the formation of the 'L' type filament in G286.21+0.17[Telbib]
Tang, X. D. et al.2021Kinetic temperature of massive star-forming molecular clumps measured with formaldehyde. IV. The ALMA view of N113 and N159W in the LMC[Telbib]
Riaz, B. et al.2021Complex structure of a proto-brown dwarf[Telbib]
Finn, Molly K. et al.2021Physical Conditions in the LMC's Quiescent Molecular Ridge: Fitting Non-LTE Models to CO Emission[Telbib]
Men'shchikov, A. et al.2021Multiscale, multiwavelength extraction of sources and filaments using separation of the structural components: getsf[Telbib]
Paulson, Sonu Tabitha et al.2022Chemical environments of 6.7 GHz methanol maser sources[Telbib]
Veena, V. S. et al.2021A Kiloparsec-scale Molecular Wave in the Inner Galaxy: Feather of the Milky Way?[Telbib]
Urquhart, J. S. et al.2021SEDIGISM-ATLASGAL: dense gas fraction and star formation efficiency across the Galactic disc[Telbib]
Nguyen, H. et al.2021A global view on star formation: The GLOSTAR Galactic plane survey. IV. Radio continuum detections of young stellar objects in the Galactic Centre region[Telbib]
Wang, George C. P. et al.2021Overdensities of submillimetre-bright sources around candidate protocluster cores selected from the South Pole Telescope survey[Telbib]
Cicone, C. et al.2021SUPER. VI. A giant molecular halo around a z∼2 quasar[Telbib]
Díaz-Sánchez, A. et al.2021The Einstein Ring GAL-CLUS-022058s: a Lensed Ultrabright Submillimeter Galaxy at z = 1.4796[Telbib]
Janssen, Michael et al.2021Event Horizon Telescope observations of the jet launching and collimation in Centaurus A[Telbib]
Zahorecz, S. et al.2021Singly and doubly deuterated formaldehyde in massive star-forming regions[Telbib]
Pitts, Rebecca L. et al.2021Census of High- and Medium-mass Protostars. V. CO Abundance and the Galactic XCO Factor[Telbib]
Sabatini, G. et al.2021Establishing the evolutionary timescales of the massive star formation process through chemistry[Telbib]
Catalano, A. et al.2021CONCERTO at APEX: Installation and first phase of on-sky commissioning[Telbib]
Witzel, G. et al.2021Rapid Variability of Sgr A* across the Electromagnetic Spectrum[Telbib]
Monfardini A. et al.2021A magnum opus on the Chajnantor plateau [Telbib]
Kang, Miju et al.2021Mid-J CO Line Observations of Protostellar Outflows in the Orion Molecular Clouds[Telbib]
Tiwari, M. et al.2021SOFIA FEEDBACK Survey: Exploring the Dynamics of the Stellar Wind-Driven Shell of RCW 49[Telbib]
Mazumdar, P. et al.2021High-resolution LAsMA 12CO and 13CO observation of the G305 giant molecular cloud complex. I. Feedback on the molecular gas[Telbib]
Shanks, T. et al.2021The nature of sub-millimetre galaxies I: a comparison of AGN and star-forming galaxy SED fits[Telbib]
Kocherlakota, Prashant et al.2021Constraints on black-hole charges with the 2017 EHT observations of M87*[Telbib]
Schuller, F. et al.2021Probing the structure of a massive filament: ArTéMiS 350 and 450 μm mapping of the integral-shaped filament in Orion A[Telbib]
Ryabukhina, O. L. et al.2021A multiline study of the filamentary infrared dark cloud G351.78-0.54[Telbib]
Perotti, G. et al.2021Linking ice and gas in the λ Orionis Barnard 35A cloud[Telbib]
Canelo, Carla M. et al.2021Isocyanic acid (HNCO) in the hot molecular core G331.512-0.103: observations and chemical modelling[Telbib]
Sánchez, S. F. et al.2021The EDGE-CALIFA survey: the local and global relations between Σ*, ΣSFR, and Σmol that regulate star formation[Telbib]
Elia, Davide et al.2021The Hi-GAL compact source catalogue - II. The 360° catalogue of clump physical properties[Telbib]
Mookerjea, B. et al.2021Distribution of ionized, atomic, and PDR gas around S 1 in ρ Ophiuchus[Telbib]
Kirsanova, M. S. et al.2021The warm-up phase in massive star-forming cores around RCW 120[Telbib]
Jacob, A. M. et al.2021Hunting for the elusive methylene radical[Telbib]
A. Monfardini et al.2021CONCERTO at APEX: installation and technical commissioning [Telbib]
Vazzano, M. M. et al.2021Outflows, envelopes, and disks as evolutionary indicators in Lupus young stellar objects[Telbib]
Dewangan, L. K. et al.2021Unraveling the inner substructure of new candidate hub-filament system in the H II region G25.4NW[Telbib]
Duronea, N. U. et al.2021Physical characterization of S169: a prototypical IR bubble associated with the massive star-forming region IRAS 12326-6245[Telbib]
Liu, Xiao-Lan et al.2021Kinematics and star formation toward W33: a central hub as a hub-filament system[Telbib]
Gong, Y. et al.2021Physical and chemical structure of the Serpens filament: Fast formation and gravity-driven accretion[Telbib]
Olivier, Grace M. et al.2021Evolution of Stellar Feedback in H II Regions[Telbib]
He, Yu-Xin et al.2021Extended HNCO, SiO, and HC3N Emission in 43 Southern Star-forming Regions[Telbib]
Koss, Michael J. et al.2021BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey. XX. Molecular Gas in Nearby Hard-X-Ray-selected AGN Galaxies[Telbib]