Applying for time

If you want to use APEX for your research, please check the call for proposals from your partner institution (MPIfR, ESO, Onsala or ANID if you apply through the Chilean TAC). You will find there specific deadlines and availability of PI instruments per partner. Remember that Facility Instruments are available to any APEX proposer.

Useful information for proposers

  • In our weather page you will find the atmospheric transmission and the annual variation of the precipitable water vapour (pwv) at the APEX site.
  • Check the latest APEX Science Schedule to see the distribution over the year of the observing blocks for every partner.
  • In our instrumentation page you will find the relevant parameters of the available instruments to prepare your observations.
  • Each proposal must be accompanied by an accurate estimate of the necessary observing time needed to complete the project, based on the required sensitivity and the receiver characteristics. Visit our calculator for bolometer and heterodyne instruments.
  • Observations at APEX are normally done in service mode. For questions, please contact the Head of APEX Science Operations.