Publication List

These are the latest publications based on data collected by APEX. In the table, you will find for each publication the link to the corresponding entry in the ESO Telescope Bibliography System (telbib), where you can have access to data sources and the full text of the publication via the Astrophysics Data System.

APEX Publications 2020

AuthorsTitleESO Telbib
Bublitz, Jesse et al.Irradiation Investigation: Exploring the Molecular Gas in NGC 7293[Telbib]
Kim, W. -J. et al.ATLASGAL-selected massive clumps in the inner Galaxy. VIII. Chemistry of photodissociation regions[Telbib]
Schneider, N. et al.FEEDBACK: a SOFIA Legacy Program to Study Stellar Feedback in Regions of Massive Star Formation[Telbib]
Lucas, P. W. et al.Discovery of a mid-infrared protostellar outburst of exceptional amplitude[Telbib]
Jarvis, M. E. et al.High molecular gas content and star formation rates in local galaxies that host quasars, outflows, and jets[Telbib]
Dell'Ova, P. et al.Interstellar anatomy of the TeV gamma-ray peak in the IC443 supernova remnant[Telbib]
Miettinen, O. et al.Dense cores in the Seahorse infrared dark cloud: physical properties from modified blackbody fits to the far-infrared-submillimetre spectral energy distributions[Telbib]
Bonne, L. et al.Formation of the Musca filament: evidence for asymmetries in the accretion flow due to a cloud-cloud collision[Telbib]
Tiwari, M. et al.Cause and effects of the massive star formation in Messier 8 East[Telbib]
García-Vergara, Cristina et al.The Clustering of Submillimeter Galaxies Detected with ALMA[Telbib]
Sabatini, G. et al.Survey of ortho-H2D+ in high-mass star-forming regions[Telbib]
Puschnig, J. et al.The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample. XI. Efficient turbulence-driven Lyα escape and an analysis of IR, CO, and [C II]158 μm[Telbib]
Jacob, Arshia M. et al.Extending the view of ArH+ chemistry in diffuse clouds[Telbib]
Hacar, A. et al.APEX-SEPIA660 Early Science: gas at densities above 107 cm-3 towards OMC-1[Telbib]
Colombo, D. et al.The EDGE-CALIFA survey: exploring the role of molecular gas on galaxy star formation quenching[Telbib]
Galametz, M. et al.DeGaS-MC: Dense Gas Survey in the Magellanic Clouds. I. An APEX survey of HCO+ and HCN(2-1) toward the LMC and SMC[Telbib]
Humire, P. K. et al.Sulphur and carbon isotopes towards Galactic centre clouds[Telbib]
Anderson, L. D. et al.Unusual Galactic H II Regions at the Intersection of the Central Molecular Zone and the Far Dust Lane[Telbib]
De Beck, E. et al.The surprisingly carbon-rich environment of the S-type star W Aql[Telbib]
Bacmann, A. et al.Deuterium fractionation of nitrogen hydrides: detections of NHD and ND2[Telbib]
Fuchs, G. W. et al.Simulating the circumstellar H2CO and CH3OH chemistry of young stellar objects using a spherical physical-chemical model[Telbib]
Liu, Hong-Li et al.Chemistry of Protostellar Clumps in the High-mass, Star-forming Filamentary Infrared Dark Cloud G034.43+00.24[Telbib]
Nagy, Z. et al.An APEX survey of outflow and infall toward the youngest protostars in Orion[Telbib]
Dharmawardena, Thavisha E. et al.Betelgeuse Fainter in the Submillimeter Too: An Analysis of JCMT and APEX Monitoring during the Recent Optical Minimum[Telbib]
Kim, Jae-Young et al.Event Horizon Telescope imaging of the archetypal blazar 3C 279 at an extreme 20 microarcsecond resolution[Telbib]
Brinkmann, N. et al.An imaging line survey of OMC-1 to OMC-3. Averaged spectra of template regions[Telbib]
Beuther, H. et al.Dynamical cloud formation traced by atomic and molecular gas[Telbib]
Feng, S. et al.The Chemical Structure of Young High-mass Star-forming Clumps. II. Parsec-scale CO Depletion and Deuterium Fraction of HCO+[Telbib]
Ginsburg, Adam et al.The MUSTANG Galactic Plane Survey (MGPS90) Pilot[Telbib]
Li, Shanghuo et al.ALMA Observations of NGC 6334S. I. Forming Massive Stars and Clusters in Subsonic and Transonic Filamentary Clouds[Telbib]
Reuter, C. et al.The Complete Redshift Distribution of Dusty Star-forming Galaxies from the SPT-SZ Survey[Telbib]
Dewangan, L. K. et al.Investigating the Physical Conditions in Extended System Hosting Mid-infrared Bubble N14[Telbib]
Billington, S. J. et al.ATLASGAL - relationship between dense star-forming clumps and interstellar masers[Telbib]
Ladeyschikov, Dmitry A. et al.The Physical Parameters of Clumps Associated with Class I Methanol Masers[Telbib]
Dewangan, L. K. et al.Uncovering distinct environments in an extended physical system around the W33 complex[Telbib]
Li, Guang-Xing et al.A Mean Density of 112 M pc-3 for Central Molecular Zone Clumps—Evidences for Shear-enabled Pressure Equilibrium in the Galactic Center[Telbib]
Bellocchi, E. et al.The multi-phase ISM in the nearby composite AGN-SB galaxy NGC 4945: large-scale (parsecs) mechanical heating[Telbib]
Perotti, G. et al.Linking ice and gas in the Serpens low-mass star-forming region[Telbib]
Bonne, L. et al.Dense gas formation in the Musca filament due to the dissipation of a supersonic converging flow[Telbib]
Zeng, S. et al.Cloud-cloud collision as drivers of the chemical complexity in Galactic Centre molecular clouds[Telbib]
Miettinen, O. et al.What did the seahorse swallow? APEX 170 GHz observations of the chemical conditions in the Seahorse infrared dark cloud[Telbib]
Ferrero, Leticia V. et al.Multifrequency study of HH 137 and HH 138: discovering new knots and molecular outflows with Gemini and APEX[Telbib]
Rebolledo, David et al.Effect of Feedback of Massive Stars in the Fragmentation, Distribution, and Kinematics of the Gas in Two Star-forming Regions in the Carina Nebula[Telbib]
Reiter, Megan et al.Illuminating a tadpole's metamorphosis II: observing the ongoing transformation with ALMA[Telbib]
Zhang, S. et al.H II regions and high-mass starless clump candidates. I. Catalogs and properties[Telbib]
Issac, Namitha et al.Multiwavelength investigation of extended green object G19.88-0.53: revealing a protocluster[Telbib]
Johnston, Katharine G. et al.A Detailed View of the Circumstellar Environment and Disk of the Forming O-star AFGL 4176[Telbib]
Peretto, N. et al.The accretion history of high-mass stars: an ArTéMiS pilot study of infrared dark clouds[Telbib]
Zabel, N. et al.AlFoCS + Fornax3D: resolved star formation in the Fornax cluster with ALMA and MUSE[Telbib]
Deb, Tirna et al.GASP XXV: neutral hydrogen gas in the striking jellyfish galaxy JO204[Telbib]
Wielgus, Maciek et al.Monitoring the Morphology of M87* in 2009-2017 with the Event Horizon Telescope[Telbib]
Salvestrini, F. et al.Molecular gas in the central region of NGC 7213[Telbib]
Danilovich, T. et al.An ALMA view of SO and SO2 around oxygen-rich AGB stars[Telbib]
Battersby, Cara et al.CMZoom: Survey Overview and First Data Release[Telbib]
Figueira, M. et al.APEX CO observations towards the photodissociation region of RCW 120[Telbib]
Valdivia-Mena, M. T. et al.ALMA resolves molecular clouds in metal-poor Magellanic Bridge A[Telbib]
Bergman, P. et al.Submillimetre water masers at 437, 439, 471, and 474 GHz towards evolved stars. APEX observations and radiative transfer modelling[Telbib]
Zavagno, A. et al.The role of Galactic H II regions in the formation of filaments. High-resolution submilimeter imaging of RCW 120 with ArTéMiS[Telbib]
Fuchs, G. W. et al.Deep search for hydrogen peroxide toward pre- and protostellar objects. Testing the pathway of grain surface water formation[Telbib]
Hill, Ryley et al.Megaparsec-scale structure around the protocluster core SPT2349-56 at z = 4.3[Telbib]
Orellana-González, G. et al.Cosmic evolution of molecular gas mass density from an empirical relationship between L1.4 GHz and L'CO[Telbib]
Shi, Yong et al.Oversized Gas Clumps in an Extremely Metal-poor Molecular Cloud Revealed by ALMA's Parsec-scale Maps[Telbib]
Miettinen, O. et al.APEX observations of ortho-H2D+ towards dense cores in the Orion B9 filament[Telbib]
Baug, T. et al.ALMA Observations Reveal No Preferred Outflow-filament and Outflow-magnetic Field Orientations in Protoclusters[Telbib]
Sandell, Göran et al.The Molecular Outflow from R Mon[Telbib]
Rybak, Matus et al.First Detection of the [O i] 63 μm Emission from a Redshift 6 Dusty Galaxy[Telbib]
Paulson, Sonu Tabitha et al.Probing the early phases of high-mass star formation with 6.7 GHz methanol masers[Telbib]
Indebetouw, Rémy et al.Structural and Dynamical Analysis of 0.1 pc Cores and Filaments in the 30 Doradus-10 Giant Molecular Cloud[Telbib]