Calls for proposals for APEX telescope time

As previously announced, because of the the COVID situation in Chile, the observatory has been in survival mode for several weeks. This means that no new observations have been possible during this time.

Because of this, the APEX partners have introduced some modifications to their regular call for APEX proposals:

  • MPG has suspended the call for new APEX proposals for the upcoming season. See the official announcement.
  • ESO has also recently announced the suspension of the P107 call for proposals. You can see more details in the specific announcement.
  • The OSO call for proposals (Swedish time) in the northern spring season had already been cancelled. According to the official announcement, the new call will be announced after the boreal summer, so stay tuned to further news during the next weeks.
  • The decision about the release of the APEX call for proposal for Chilean time for semester 2021-A is also still pending. An official announcement will be given in the next couple of weeks and you can check regularly the ANID web site.